Financing New Ventures

Since 1975, VS Group companies have obtained the support of the DFCC Bank – a leading banking institution in Sri Lanka, to finance their trailblazing projects. This cooperation continues strongly to date. DFCC Bank has been instrumental in syndicating project loans for the hydro power plants undertaken by VSHydro, with the participation of several lending institutions, including the NDB Bank, National Savings Bank, Seylan Bank and Hatton National Bank of Sri Lanka.

VSHydro works together with leading Venture Capital funds in Sri Lanka, to finance hydropower projects, with several projects implemented with the equity participation of Lanka Ventures Ltd. (LVL), and Equity Investments Lanka Limited (EQUILL). In addition, VSHydro has teamed up with many foreign investors who have participated with VSHydro as co-investors in several hydropower projects.

VSHydro operates with DFCC Vardhana Bank, the commercial banking subsidiary of DFCC Bank, and Hatton National Bank in Sri Lanka, and with Standard Chartered Bank and Eco Bank in Uganda, for commercial banking operations and commercial banking facilities.